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Find us on the Martin Lewis MSE forum!


Did you know we are on the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert forum?  These days we all head to the internet to find solutions to our problems at home or work. One of the guys with lots of answers is Martin Lewis the Money Saving Expert MSE. You might also know him from the Money Show Live. What [...]

Find us on the Martin Lewis MSE forum!2018-10-18T13:51:29+01:00

Winter is coming, is your boiler losing pressure?


It's that time of year again when the evenings are drawing in and the heating is going on.  But is your boiler losing pressure? Many people know that they have a hidden leak, but during the summer when the heating is off its not such an annoying problem and you may not need to top [...]

Winter is coming, is your boiler losing pressure?2018-10-17T19:00:47+01:00

How do I find where my water pipes run?


Sometimes our customers who have a leak come to us saying "How do I find where my water pipes run?"  This usually happens where underground water pipes run down a drive or across farmland to the water meter. Of course until you know where the pipes are, we can't even start looking for the leak!   Land [...]

How do I find where my water pipes run?2018-10-18T11:43:08+01:00

We love happy customers!


"An efficient and thorough service with detailed explanations and answers during the investigation along with follow-up advice as required." Would you therefore recommend The Leak Team to a friend or colleague? "YES"! How would you rate the quality of your experience with The Leak Team overall? "EXCELLENT"! Mr S, Alnwick Northumberland October 2018

We love happy customers!2018-10-17T14:00:13+01:00

3 Billion litres of water lost to leaks each day in England


The Environment Agency have published their first major report on water resources in England and it reveals that enough water to meet the needs of 20 million people is lost through leakage every day. They are recommending we all have a personal water target and use water more wisely at home.  Click here for more [...]

3 Billion litres of water lost to leaks each day in England2018-05-24T15:20:32+01:00

FREE Advice!


Did you know we offer FREE ADVICE? Marc from Harrogate called us because his boiler was losing pressure and he thought he had a leak on his central heating pipes. Instead of just booking him in to the diary, we suggested he get his boiler checked first. British Gas came out and found he had [...]

FREE Advice!2018-05-14T10:05:28+01:00

Free Advice – Outstanding Service!


"Outstanding service and advice. Would highly recommend.  I contacted the team as I have recently had a central heating system installed and the pressure is falling. The team gave me advice on how to diagnose the reason for this as my engineer had suggested re-piping the system only. I live in Dorset, although the team [...]

Free Advice – Outstanding Service!2018-10-17T16:06:40+01:00

Should I use Leak Sealant on my Central Heating Leak?


"Should I use Leak Sealant on my Central Heating Leak?" This is a question we are asked a lot by customers who have had ongoing central heating leaks and are desperate for a solution....and we always give the same answer.......   ...Leak sealant is designed for very, very tiny leaks. We get call after call [...]

Should I use Leak Sealant on my Central Heating Leak?2018-05-25T12:32:18+01:00
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