Thermal imaging cameras can detect the heat profile of  buried and hidden hot pipes and wastes. They are accurate to 0.1oC and help provide invaluable information about where pipe runs are, rather than necessarily where a leak might be. Sometimes a leak is sufficiently large to show as a hot area of escaped water radiating from the pipes.

Due to the incredible accuracy of the thermal imaging camera, it can also be used to investigate damp areas in a property as even the minute difference in temperature caused by evaporative cooling can be detected by our equipment.

We use this camera for Central Heating Health Checks to check for even heat distribution across the surface of each radiator and look for possible sludge build up which creates uneven heating of the radiator panel.

We pride ourselves on using the very latest leak detection techniques to locate and resolve problems. This piece of equipment helps ensure the minimum amount of disruption to you and your home

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