Cold Water Leak

Water Leak Detection

We can find leaks on your cold water pipes inside or outside your property. Undetected leaks can cause costly repairs.

A leak on the cold water could run undetected for a long time; some leaks could run for years. It may only be discovered when you get a large water bill or start to see damage to your property. Damage could be visible as salts showing on the brickwork below the DPC level, damp patches on walls or the bottom of door frames and skirting boards starting to rot.

The Leak Team can test whether the water is coming from the mains supply, from water in the ground or from the property letting in the rain. This is one of the methods that help us to find your problem leak.

You can take a very close look at your property if you think you have a leak. Check behind kitchen kick boards, lift carpet and other loose floor coverings. Have you noticed a new bump/lump in your floor that wasn’t there before? There can be lots of clues, but to pin point a cold water leak you need a specialist.

The Leak Team will trace your pipes, where possible, using thermal imaging. Cold water leaks can show as cold spots in the property not just because it is cold water, but evaporation of the leaking water cools the surface of the wall or floor down. Our highly sensitive equipment can detect this tiny change in temperature. Sound can also be used to pin point the leak by tracing constant sounds of escaping water and moisture meters are used to compare areas of your property to find any damp patches. We specialise in the use of trace gas to detect leaks; this is introduced to the water pipes and when it escapes from the hole in the pipe our specialist equipment can detect it.

Inside your property a leak to the cold water pipes may cause a damp patch, an audible sound, constant running of the water meter or the header tank continually filling. Traditionally these leaks would be found by destructive means, starting at an area based on an educated guess and progressing along the line of the pipes. This could mean extensive and costly repairs along with major upheaval in your home. Our modern methods accurately locate the source of the leak, causing the minimum destruction and damage.

We are proud to provide our leak detection services on a metered supply on a “NO FIND : NO FEE” basis (see our terms and conditions page). In addition most household insurance policies offer cover for leak detection under “Trace and Access” Please check your policy for details. We have many year experiences of working with insurance companies and can provide full photographic reports for insurers or loss adjusters if required.

The Leak Team use the latest methods and equipment to offer a full Trace and Access service. This means that we both locate the source of the leak, and where appropriate, expose the pipework to allow a repair to be undertaken.



Our methods include:

Thermal Imaging Camera 
Sound Detection
Gas Detection
Pressure Testing
Endoscope Camera
Moisture Meters
Pipe Detector

Water Analysis using Salt & pH Kit

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