Running water noise

Water Leak Detection

Undetected leaks can cause costly repairs. We can find leaks on your cold water pipes inside or outside your property.

Is a header tank or cistern in your property constantly filling? Do you hear, when all is quiet, a faint water sound and think “What could that be?”. Take a look at your water tanks, which are usually in the loft. Are they filling when there is no demand? If they are it would indicate you have a water leak.



This clip shows a constantly filling water tank in a property with an undetected leak. All this water was going somewhere – approximately 1000 litres per day! The Leak Team attended and was able to pinpoint the leak avoiding the removal of large areas of expensive flooring.




You may have more than one tank. Your toilet cisterns can also fill constantly with the water simply flowing down the toilet. The first you may know about it is a large water bill.

Sometimes you may hear running water through the pipes or a dripping noise when there is no demand within the property. With the help of our ground source microphone we can listen to that leak and track it without damaging walls and pulling up floors.

Give The Leak Team a call to discuss any problems on 0800 4640330. It’s free to have a chat.

A leak on the cold water could run undetected for a long time; some leaks could run for years. It may only be discovered when you get a large water bill or start to see damage to your property. Damage could be salts showing on the brickwork below the DPC level, damp patches on walls, the bottom of door frames and skirting boards starting to rot.

The Leak Team can test whether the water is coming from the mains supply, from water in the ground or from the property letting in the rain. This is one of the methods that help us to find your problem leak.

We are proud to provide our leak detection services on a “NO FIND : NO FEE” basis (see our terms and conditions page). In addition most household insurance policies offer cover for leak detection under “Trace and Access” Please check your policy for details, you may not even have to pay for our services. We have many year experiences of working with insurance companies and can provide full photographic reports for insurers or loss adjusters if required.

The Leak Team use the latest methods and equipment to offer a full Trace and Access service. This means that we both locate the source of the leak, and where appropriate, expose the pipework to allow a repair to be undertaken.

Our methods include:

Thermal Imaging Camera
Sound Detection
Gas Detection
Pressure Testing
Endoscope Camera
Moisture Meters
Pipe Detector

Water Analysis using Salt & pH Kit








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