Large water Bill

Water Leak Detection


We can find leaks on your cold water pipes inside or outside your property. Undetected leaks can cause damage and lead to costly repairs.

It is not nice to suddenly get a water bill for thousands of pounds which you just didn’t expect. So how do you know you have a water leak? The most common indication is your water meter is turning when there is no demand. Turn off the stop cock within your property and see if the meter stops turning. If it does then the leak is after the stop cock and inside your property. If the meter continues to turn the leak is between the stop cock and meter.

Monitor the meter over a fixed period, say 8 hours, when the house is empty and no water being used and calculate how much water you are losing. You could take a reading as you leave the house for work and then again on your return, making sure no one else has used any water in the meantime. This process should be repeated several times. Compare previous bills and calculate how much water has been lost. Does this match your calculations? Your water meter could be faulty. If your leak is between the stop tap and the meter your local supplier may fix the problem for free.

You can check your water consumption against the average published by the Consumer Council for Water


Most water supply companies will reduce your bill, once only, if you find the leak and show it has been repaired.

A leak on the cold water could run undetected for a long time; some leaks could run for years. It may only be discovered when you get a large water bill or start to see damage to your property. Damage could be visible as salts showing on the brickwork below the DPC level, damp patches on walls or the bottom of door frames and skirting boards starting to rot.

The Leak Team can test whether the water is coming from the mains supply, from water in the ground or from the property letting in the rain. This is one of the methods that help us to find your problem leak.

We are proud to provide our leak detection services on a “NO FIND : NO FEE” basis (see our terms and conditions page). In addition most household insurance policies offer cover for leak detection under “Trace and Access” Please check your policy for details. We have many year experiences of working with insurance companies and can provide full photographic reports for insurers or loss adjusters if required.

The Leak Team use the latest methods and equipment to offer a full Trace and Access service. This means that we both locate the source of the leak, and where appropriate, expose the pipework to allow a repair to be undertaken.

Our methods include:

Thermal Imaging Camera
Sound Detection
Gas Detection
Pressure Testing
Endoscope Camera
Moisture Meters
Pipe Detector

Water Analysis using Salt & pH Kit


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