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Damp patches can appear for lots of reasons; people often assume rising damp or poor ventilation.  Damp can be caused by leaks and blockages.  If left, this can lead to mould and rot. With over 30 years’ experience in the building industry, we have a wealth and depth of knowledge investigating numerous causes of damp in properties.  We can advise on the causes of these problems, possible solutions and where required can monitor the environment within the property.

Damp patches can be caused by:

Leaking waste pipes
Leaking cold or hot water pipes
Central heating leaks
Roof leaks
Hydroscopic salts
Blocked drains
Leaking gutters
Poor building maintenance
Cold bridging
The effect of works on an adjoining property

The Leak Team use the latest methods and equipment to investigate areas of damp

Our methods include:

Thermal Image

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Image

Endoscope Camera

Thermal Image

Moisture Meters

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