Responsibility for water leaks on external supply pipes

Who is responsible for your water leak water meter large billIf you pay for your water on a meter and suspect your bill is high, this might be because there is a water leak or overflow. You may be paying for water that’s going to waste.

Find out what to do if you suspect you have a water leak and how to work out who’s responsible for fixing it.

How to spot water leaks

It’s possible you may have a water leak if:

  • you hear the sound of running water
  • running water is visible or there are wet areas
  • there are a lot of plants growing near pipe work, especially during dry weather
  • the water pressure in your home falls.

Who’s responsible for fixing a water leak?

All water companies have a code of practice on leaks. However the responsibility for repairing the leak depends on where the leak is.

If there’s a leak on your side of the meter, on the public footpath or external stop valve, it’s your responsibility to fix the leak.

However, if it’s the first time you’ve had a leak like this and it’s not too expensive, your water company will usually repair it – although they don’t have to. It’s also possible they could ask you to pay, but offer you something towards the cost.

Where there is a problem with the water meter, this is the water company’s responsibility.

If the leak is due to a damaged water pipe, or if the pipe bursts, responsibility for fixing it depends on which section of the pipe is damaged.

Responsibility for damaged water pipes

The diagram shows how the water supply is connected to your property, what the different sections of the pipe supplying the water are called and who is responsible for them.

Who is respobsible for which sections of pipe?

The pipe connecting the mains supply from the water company to your property is called the service pipe. The section of the service pipe running from the mains supply to the boundary of your property is the communication pipe. The rest of the service pipe from the property boundary into the property is known as the supply pipe. The property boundary is usually where the stop valve and water meter are located.

What is the water company responsible for?

The water company is responsible for the water mains in the ground and usually for the communication pipe. This is the part of the service pipe leading up to your property boundary from the mains.

Outside stop valves are usually the property of the water company and should be maintained by them. Unless there is an emergency leak at your property, the water company may charge you a fee to fix the outside stop valve if you insist on having it repaired quickly.

What are you responsible for?

In most cases, it’s your responsibility to maintain the supply pipe. This is the section of the service pipe from the boundary of your property – usually where the water meter and stop valve are – into the property itself.

However, even though it’s your responsibility to repair the supply pipe, most water companies offer a one-off free repair or subsidised repairs to their customers. You should ask your water company what the conditions are for these repairs.

What if you rent your home or your supply pipe serves several properties?

If you rent your home, your landlord is responsible for maintaining the supply pipe.

Where your supply pipe serves other properties, this may therefore mean you share the responsibility with others. Check the title deeds of your property for more information about responsibility for your supply pipe.

  • Northumbrian Waters advice on dealing with leaks and who is responsible for the leaking water pipe:
  • To find out which water company supplies your area, go to the Consumer Council for Water’s website at:
  • For more help with water issues, go to the Consumer Council for Water’s website at:

What to do if you suspect a leak that you are responsible for?

Call The Leak Team on 0800 4640330 and we can come and find your leak. Take a look at our Free Advice page for tips on finding out if you are losing water.