Sometimes our customers who have a leak come to us saying “How do I find where my water pipes run?”  This usually happens where underground water pipes run down a drive or across farmland to the water meter. Of course until you know where the pipes are, we can’t even start looking for the leak!   Land and property owners often add to the water pipe network is through the years.  The problem is they don’t always plot the route on a map.  They might have told their children where the pipes were laid, but even they might be long gone.

So how can you find an underground water pipe?

The old school method to find where your pipes run is to start digging at the end of the pipe you can see and keep going all along it’s route!  This is both expensive and time consuming, exerting all your efforts in digging instead of finding the leak.  We have state of the art equipment to solve this problem and track your water pipes.  We use a trace dart inserted into the pipe to trace the route at up to 100 meters at a time.  What would take days of digging, we can therefore achieve in a matter of hours or less.

Is this equipment only for finding leaks?

Absolutely not – we can use our pipe tracing equipment in situations where you simply need to know where a pipe is so that you can avoid it.  Perhaps on a new build project, or building an extension or footings for a new agricultural building.

Want to find out more?

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Pipe tracing dart to track your water pipes if you are thinking "how do i find where my water pipes run"