It’s that time of year again when the evenings are drawing in and the heating is going on.  But is your boiler losing pressure? Many people know that they have a hidden leak, but during the summer when the heating is off its not such an annoying problem and you may not need to top up the boiler so often. However as soon as it gets cold outside and you want the heating on in the morning when you get out of bed, it’s a real pain to have to head down to the garage in your pjs to top up the boiler before you can have a hot shower in a warm house!

Have a warm home this winter.  We can find your central heating leak

Don’t leave it til you are in a freezing cold house with no hot water to get to the bottom of the problem of your boiler losing pressure.  Call The Leak Team on 0330 1025572 and ask us about our leak detection techniques. Did you know our methods are non invasive, which means much less disruption and upheaval in your home.  Especially in the run up to Christmas, when you might be going to stay with relatives, the last thing you want on your mind is getting a neighbour to call past and top up your boiler.  If you have family coming to stay, you don’t want the house upside down with the floors all ripped up!  We can find your central heating leak without lifting all the floors, so that you can get it fixed quickly with the least disruption and in plenty of time for Christmas.

Find out more about what test you can do before you call us if your boiler is losing pressure , click here