Did you know we are on the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert forum?  These days we all head to the internet to find solutions to our problems at home or work. One of the guys with lots of answers is Martin Lewis the Money Saving Expert MSE. You might also know him from the Money Show Live.

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert

What does Martin Lewis have to do with The Leak Team?

As well as the main Money Saving Expert website, Martin Lewis has a forum for people to share anything from advice on loans to energy bills and even household and DIY questions.  People have even been turning to Martin Lewis’ forum for advice when their combi boiler is losing pressure.  There are lots of entries on the MSE forum where home owners are wondering if they have a leak on their central heating system. Furthermore, some of our customers posted and have been singing our praises!

What’s in the posts?

The forum is regularly visited by many plumbers and other trades.  They give advice on how to find out what is causing a loss of pressure on a boiler.  This may be a fault with the boiler, like a faulty pressure release valve (PRV), expansion vessel or heat exchanger. The site has lots of good advice on how to rule this out.  But if all tests point to a leak on the pipework to the radiators, then what a lot of the plumbers on the Martin Lewis site don’t seem to know is that specialist leak detection companies like us exist. They sometimes even suggest that home owners just pull up their floors until they find the leak.  That’s where our happy customers come in. They have been posting on the MSE forum to tell people how we found their leak and with the minimum upheaval and disruption.  We love it when our satisfied customers help spread the word about our specialist leak detection business!

Where can I see it?

Just take a look here at the Martin Lewis forum and see what a lot of helpful advice it has.  Here is a shot of one of the posts from a Leak Team customer

Martin Lewis forum reviewIf your central heating is losing pressure and you have ruled out any issues with the boiler, give us a call on 0330 102 5572.  Find out how we can find your hidden water leak.