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“A Great Service from Start to Finish”


"Charlie explained the service and terms very clearly. Andrew arrived in good time after a very long journey, ready to start work. He followed a very thorough set of processes, explaining every step and even making a repair necessary to allow him to complete the job effectively. He found the leak and clearly explained our [...]

“A Great Service from Start to Finish”2018-04-26T08:38:57+01:00

Do I Need To Flush Every Time?


This is the question many of us ask, especially for those of us who make a few trips through the night! Take a look at this article for a view on whether it is hygienic to flush every third time and how much water that could save

Do I Need To Flush Every Time?2018-04-26T08:38:57+01:00

Finding a leak with trace gas – How does it work?


One of the main methods of leak detection we use is Trace Gas.  But what is it and how does it work?The use of leak detection gas at your home or business is a non - invasive, highly effective method of leak detection. We drain the water from your central heating or water supply pipes [...]

Finding a leak with trace gas – How does it work?2018-04-26T08:38:58+01:00
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