One of the main methods of leak detection we use is Trace Gas.  But what is it and how does it work? use of leak detection gas at your home or business is a non – invasive, highly effective method of leak detection.

We drain the water from your central heating or water supply pipes and introduce a gas made up of Hydrogen and Nitrogen, which is inert and odourless. The molecules in this gas mix are particularly small, which means they will pass though the smallest of leak holes and even through building materials such as concrete and plaster! Our specialist equipment can then trace the escaping gas at the smallest of concentrations.  The equipment is so accurate it can even detect trace gas escaping from pipes that run under your garden or drive.  This cutting edge equipment is not available in your local DIY store or plumbers merchants, so not all contractors will provide this service, but it is invaluable in the process of quick and reliable leak detection.

So before you start digging holes in your drive or pulling up your new solid wood flooring to try and find a leak, save yourself the disruption, cost and upheaval by giving us a call on 0330 102 5572 to find out how we can detect your central heating or water leak without damaging your home.