Water Leaks

For help and information on leaks, bursts, burst mains, water pressure and other water or sewerage related problems your water supplier should have a dedicated emergency line.


If the leak is outside the property boundary then you should contact your water supplier to arrange repairs.

If the leak is inside your house an you can see it, then you should call a plumber. It will be your or your landlord’s responsibility to fix this. You should turn the water supply off at the mains to prevent further damage.

If the leak is from your water meter or between your house and the boundary of your property (your service pipe) you are usually responsible for repairing it. You will need to hire a specialist like The Leak Team to find out where the leak is and then arrange the repair.  We can also find hidden leaks on water supply pipes inside the house.

After the pipe has been repaired most water companies should reimburse you with a one off payment towards the repair on receipt of the invoice. There will usually be maximum amount payable and certain conditions, for example, that the repairs were carried out within 30 days of finding out about the leak.