Clients often ring us to find a leak that they know they must have because they have received an unusually large water bill, but what are the reasons for using more water all of a sudden and how can you narrow down the cause?


STEP 1: Have you actually been using more water than normal? It may sound obvious but if you have had a new lawn laid or recently bought a hot tub for the garden, your water consumption may go up dramatically without a water leak! Find out here what average water consumption figures are in the UK: Water UK website

STEP 2: Monitor the Meter
See our page on how to read your water meter to see if it is turning when there is no demand:

STEP 3: Has a plumbing part failed?
A constantly filling toilet cistern or faulty ball cock in the attic may account for tens of litres per hour water loss. Take a look at this video of a loft header tank with a constant leak:  You Tube: The Leak Team
This resulted in 28 litres per hour loss – that’s nearly a quarter of a million litres or approximately £500 per year!

STEP 4:  Is it a hidden leak?  Call The Leak Team now on 0800 464 0330.  We can give free advice over the phone and may even be able to attend on a NO FIND : NO FEE basis.