The latest copy of the Which? magazine says you are probably better off without boiler cover.

“Having your boiler break down can be a nightmare and boiler servicing contracts might seem like a good way to guarantee you’ll never have to shiver in an unheated home.  However we have calculated that they are only worth it for a tiny proportion of you – around 3%……..our research shows that even if your boiler is 6 years old, there’s only an 18% chance it will need a repair this year”

“Boiler cover isn’t strictly necessary, and you could save £175 a year, on average, if you opt to pay for just an annual service instead.”

Did you know that the boiler cover may cover the cost of repairing a leaking pipe, but will not usually cover the cost of finding that leak?  Maybe we should all just put some money aside that could be spent on fixing any central heating issue, rather than paying into a scheme that may not even cover you in the event of a problem……..

Read the electronic version of the full Which? article here